Insect Screen

Fabric Type

  • Need an outdoor patio screen that’s able to withstand heavy traffic and playful pets?
    Our TuffScreen®TuffScreen® No-See-Ums, and PetScreen® screening products are the perfect choice! If you live in a region plagued by tiny insects, look to our TuffScreen No-See-Ums to keep most bugs out and kids and pets safely corralled inside your pool or patio enclosure.
  • Our 18×14 Fiberglass Pool and Patio Insect Screening also stands as the gold standard for protection against most tiny insects while reducing wind-blown debris inside your patio enclosure or your pool. Made from durable, breathable fiberglass,18×14 is an excellent choice for screening a large area.
  • Phifer offers a complete selection of fiberglass insect screening. Phiferglass, Phifer’s trademarked fiberglass screening, has been the standard in the industry for decades. Water Shed Technology™ is now a standard feature in our UltraVue® and BetterVue® screening:
  • UltraVue® screening offers the best outward views possible thanks to its nearly-invisible mesh that provides superior protection from most insects. Water Shed Technology enhances these views during and after a rain shower, reducing the amount of water that collects in the mesh squares of your screen.
  • BetterVue® screening provides better outward visibility than traditional insect screening. In addition to enjoying improved views and airflow, BetterVue also protects you from most insects. Built-in Water Shed Technology allows BetterVue to offer brilliant outward views while resisting water, dirt, and grime.
  • For screening that covers all the bases, there’s no better choice than Phifer’s Standard Aluminum Mesh Screens. Both attractive, strong, and functional, our aluminum screening can be used for windows, doors, patio and pool enclosures.
  • Bronze is metal screening that provides strength and durability. Made of 90% copper and 10% zinc, bronze weathers to a beautiful, dark finish.